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Schulleben Projekte Comenius DeCo Beginning of Comenius-Project

Beginning of Comenius-Project

Beginning of Comenius-Project at Senefelder-School

The Senefelder-School now officially takes part in the Comenius-Project. The organizer of the project at the Senefelder-School is Mr Holzinger. He and a couple of other teachers travelled to France and Norway to get some impressions of this programme. Its title is “DeCo”, which is the short form of “Design ecological”. The Comenius-Project, which was created by the European Union, exists since 1995 and is part of the Sokrates-Programme, which supports friendships between different schools and helps children and adults to learn.

The aims of the Comenius-Project are improving the mobility of pupils and teachers, speaking foreign languages, improving the cooperation between different schools and finally the ability for working in groups.

Transferred into English by Fabian Schröter, Jan Sindel, Nhan Tran, Anton Ziegler and Frank Leiber